Magnetic sign: „We love Greece“.


Say thank you to the Greek. Tell him you’re coming back!

Set a sign of loyalty and hope for the Greeks.
That comes as the sender on the envelope. Then your name and address.

A little tip: When purchasing multiple products, you only pay 1x shipping costs.

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Set a sign of hope for the Greeks.

Send a message: That will be the sender on the envelope. Plus your name and address. Please state the address of “your Greek(s)” with each purchase (sometimes it is enough to just state, for example: Manolis, Camping, Paleochora or something similar). Yiannis, the postman, will know where to deliver your „present“, as everybody knows everybody personally here. We will do the rest of the mailing for you from here locally.

Give a big „thank you“ to your Greek friends. Tell them you’re coming back! Give hope and love to your Greek friends! Set a sign of hope for the Greeks.

Only 1x shipping.



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