Mezedes: Fried olives

Fried olives are a nutritious starter that you should not forget to try in a Cretan summer. Fried tomatoes with rosemary and olives are really tasty and colorful. The dish fits perfectly with Ouzo in the shade. Or take it […]


Olive leaf tea!

It is a real “for and against everything” drink, which is also inexpensive to produce and, above all, tastes delicious! Tea made from olive leaves. How to prepare it? Simply cut a few branches from wild olive trees – this […]


The Cretan Soul.

The Cretan soul. What does it mean to be Cretan? And what does being Cretan have to do with the strange Greek word „Kouzoulada“, which describes a combination of craziness and passion unique to this island? Thoughtful insights into the […]

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