Pit says: „Thanks to Paleochora“.

Thanks to Paleochora and Radio Kreta.

Often it is certain places that give us back strength and courage after a long exhausting illness. It is as if an empty bowl is slowly but steadily filling up with many sweet fruits. Places where all the stressful things fall off and the mind, now free again, is enriched with wonderful experiences.

Drawing by Pit Tönnemann.

This is a great moment for new beginnings and a gift to start a new, active, young phase of life. And when that happens in old age, it’s very special. I got to know such a place. It is called Paleochora.

Paleochora was my therapeutic turn-around-point, a place with a special strength. It is there where I met people who feel similar to me and to whom this picturesque location on the Libyan Sea has become an important anchor point as well.

What is so special about Paleochora?

Is it the unique location, the healthy sea climate, the friendliness of the people, the morning view of the bay, the beautiful colors of the mountains in the sun and the shade, the gentle rustling of the waves, but also the howling of the wind at night, the refreshing morning swim and the gymnastics on the sand, the long walks with Mataki strolling along the beach, quiet places for meditation and reflection.

the interesting botanical excursions, the daily walks, the alternation between storms and calmness on both sides of the peninsula, the healthy Cretan cuisine, the healing climate in spring and autumn, the meetings with like-minded people, the beautifully grown community in our small hotel, the daily enhancements in our lives’ activities, new friendships, the feeling of being connected to people of different nationalities, a steadily growing solidarity…

… in fact, it’s a little bit of everything.

I am thankful to being able experiencing this wealth of feelings, to be allowed to immerse in life, to be active in old age physically and mentally. These are great gifts, and if they are promoted and included in special places, it all the more extraordinary. Hence my thanks to Paleochora!

Finally, the happy meeting with Susanne and Jörg from Radio Kreta. Full of activity and zest for action, I had written the story „Europe starts from the bottom“ which created great interest from  Jörg and Susanne, they liked it and Jörg immediately published it on the Radio Kreta website.

I was very pleased about that, and the desire to write further had gripped me. So far I have written  eleven stories. Of course, the 11 stories “Pit told” was not the end of my authoring endeavour, and by the time now I wrote a book about the “50 years of friendship” together with my Czech friend, gave away diaries to my children and friends, and wrote short stories for the German lessons of my Syrian friends, an identification book about the early bloomers in and around Paleochora, and finally, together with a friend, I wrote a children’s book which I gave to Susanne and Jörg.

These two are jointly responsible for the fact that such a booklet could appear, because my stories on Radio Kreta were the initial spark for continuing to use the pen as one of my future important tools, alongside with paintbrushes and colors.

My thanks to Susanne and Jörg from Radio Kreta!