Olive leaf tea!

It is a real “for and against everything” drink, which is also inexpensive to produce and, above all, tastes delicious!

Tea made from olive leaves.

How to prepare it?

Simply cut a few branches from wild olive trees – this is also good for the tree, which gets a little more air this way.

Dry these branches for 10-14 days and then pick the leaves. It’s a bit of work, but can also be done wonderfully on the terrace with a nice chat in the evening. Crumble the dried leaves in a mortar or – for the lazy like the author of the article – in an electric chopper. In any case, shred it so that the wonderful active ingredients and substances of the olive leaves have a chance!

Then put a „handful“ of the chopped leaves into a saucepan with water – the water should cover the leaves well. Do not be afraid of overdosing or underdosing, it will work out.  In any case, surprisingly little is needed to achieve a more than acceptable result!

Then bring the water to the boil  for 10 minutes. Strain and – done!

Drink it warm (in winter) or, just as tasty, cold (in summer) – we prefer to drink it nicely iced and add sugar, honey or (shame on us!) sweetener beforehand.

Fruit juices can also be added (apple, orange, lemon, peach or even ginger!) for a special flavor – but the tea also tastes delicious on its own. And not bitter at all!

In Crete this tea is also called Frappelia.

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