Book tip: „Byzantinische Kirchen um Paleochora“ by Hans Kieser.

When reading Pit’s story some of you may wonder: “Who are these wonderful culturally and socially engaged people Marianne and Hans? We have the answer – including a very special book tip:

Marianne and Hans have been coming to Paleochora regularly and several times a year for about 40 years. They are fascinated by the island (especially the southwest), its inhabitants and, of course, the cultural gemstones – they have specialized in the Byzantine churches and put the book „Byzantinische Kirchen um Paleochora “ together, which is now in its 3rd edition.

Most impressive are the wonderful photographs of said Byzantine churches and their frescoes. It contains explanations and descriptions with great attention to the detail. This book is now even available in a Greek version. It cannot be bought, but is given away against a donation.

The donations go to a self-organized project for outpatient care for the elderly people in Paleochora: women from Paleochora volunteer to look after elderly people living alone in the surrounding mountain villages.

“ Byzantinische Kirchen um Paleochora “ is a „must“ for all lovers of southwest Cretan gemstones!

The book is available in the Paleochora bookshop.