Das Farmobil in Amerika

Hi Jörg

Only found your post today.

I think I have the only Farmobil in the USA.
Here’s what mine looks like.


It is not perfect and someone in the past changed the round headlights for the rectangular set-up you see in the photo.

Willy Wiley


Dear Mr. Wiley,

From my friend in Radio Kreta, Mr. Jörg Krüger, I received a photo of your Farmobil.

We are the original manufacturers of FARMOBIL and its successor the PONY®. Please browse through our website www.namco-euro.com.
If you will kindly tell us some info from your Farmobil in USA, such as:
– Year built

– Roughly how many kilometers/miles run already.

– Its main use and performance

– does it use the original BMW 700 motors in function or it uses another motor?

For your information, we are now investigating to restart the Farmobil production, in parallel to PONY® as soon as we find a rear drive train.
If we find the suitable rear-drive motor we intend to deliver it to USA also as a KIT DIY.
Any ideas or comments from your side is really valuable and estimated and perhaps we can do something through you too.

Best Regards,

Peter-Tzanetos Kondogouris
NAMCO International AG
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Nea Redestos, Thermi 57001,
PO.BOX: 60482, Thessaloniki, GREECE.
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