Emergency Numbers for Southwest Crete.

Well, the vacation is booked, the suitcases are packed and the anticipation is increasing – finally a few days / weeks / months in Crete! Let your minds wander, enjoy the sunshine, the beach and the sea, a few activities are also planned and otherwise you just let everything happen.

But, what if something unexpected or even unpleasant comes up or you really have an emergency of some kind?

And that is exactly why we have put together a small list for you today of the most important phone numbers here in the southwest of the island. We are keeping our fingers crossed that you will not need any of them (except maybe the last one ;-))

Institution phone number

Police in general: 100

Public. Emergency doctor (unfortunately mostly understaffed): 112

Fire brigade gen.: 199

Tourist Police in general: 171

Police Paleochora: 28230-41111

Paleochora Port Police: 28230-41214

Gen. Doctor (Jorgos Dermitzakis), Paleochora: 6977 716 121

Dentist (changing doctors) in Paleochora: 28230-41229

Pediatrician in Paleochora: 28230-41000 or 6944 559942

Ophthalmologist, (Nikos Kartakis), Paleochora: 6932 725 117

Optician (Optonet, Kostas Chatziathanasiou): 6946 006 585

Health Center Kandanos: 28233-40000

Gen. Chania (Mournies) Hospital 28213-42000

German-speaking private clinic Tsepeti, Chania: 28210-47270 or 6970 585700

Veterinarian Georgia Loufardaki, Paleochora: 6907 442 268