New book: Travel Guide Paleochora.

Finally available! The „Radio Kreta“ travel guide for Paleochora. 

Radio Kreta, THE cretan Internet Radio station has been online for more than 10 years now, the number of published articles is sharply scratching the 10,000 mark and we are always asked whether we could even write a “real” travel guide. 

Due to a massive lack of time we had not been able to make it until now but the pressure was growing and the necessity was becoming more and more evident as, for example, here in Paleochora does not even exist a tourist information anymore – but lots of questions! 

So we rolled up our sleeves again and got to work – et voilà! – the first volume of our Cretan travel guide was born! It is an essence of all our articles – main actors are, of course, the people, their mentality, a lot of recommendations for excursions as well as exhaustive information about fauna and flora. And last but not least an introduction into the Cretan „cuisine“ – including nice recipes. 

And this is just the beginning as future editions are already in the pipeline – for the time being we want to recommend this Volume 1 to you. 

Completely analogue, printed on paper („self-published“) and provided with black and white photos, our Travel guide for Crete, Volume 1 will soon be available for purchase – either directly from us or in selected book stores. 

In this book you will find interesting information about the island, its mythology and rites, anecdotes from the life of a „Xenos“ – the guest and the stranger – insights into the mentality and traditions of the Cretans, historical, useful and interesting articles about the flora and fauna of the island (animal protection and welfare included!) – and lots of delicious recipes from Cretan nature. 

And it does not only consist of our own „oeuvres“ but also nice contributions of our highly appreciated guest authors who additionally convey a different perspective on the island and its inhabitants, its nature, culture and traditions. 

The next volumes of this travel guide and even cooking recipies are already in preparation so you will soon have „Radio Kreta“ in an completely analogue and no longer „only“ digital version – for beach, bathtub, bed and whereever you like to „browse“ analogually! 

We hope you enjoy discovering Crete with our travel guides and get delicious inspirations for invitations of friends and family with our recipes! 

The book you can find here in our shop.

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