Aus dem Musikstudio: Misi Horvàth

Immer wieder erreicht uns Musik aus der ganzen Welt. Heute aus Ungarn. Und natürlich geht es wieder um Kreta.

Wir stellen vor: Misi Horvàth

I might have been eight or nine when I first ‚met‘ the blues harp on a school journey where a my-age-kinda-guy was playing old movie tracks at the Hostel. That sound truly touched me so I told my pop to get me a harp. I was decided, kept practicing, then not long after that I had found myself playing western movie tracks and such as ’simple‘ melodies. Then without a real inspiration I put down the harp for years.

I started over when I moved to Greece in 1991.

At a house party I noticed a little harp on the shelf. I was looking at it as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. My Greek buddy called me over and said: „You just love this thing, don’t you? I’ll give it to you if you learn how to bring the very best out of it!“ I promised him to build my life around the harp and its music. I’ve been playing music for fifteen years now; currently I earn my living as a musician. Unfortunately, I never got to see this guy again to show him the knowledge I gathered through the years.

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