Heute ist Tomatenfest in Koundouras.

Tonight is the tomato celebration in Koundoura organised by the assosiation of the ladies, at the yard of the town hall next to the church. There will be a night with live cretan music Axilleas Dramoundanis plays with his group, and a full menu and the ticket with the menu costs 17 euros including.

It is a little more expensive than last year but the ladies needs the money.

If you know somebody which is perhaps interested let him or her know.

See you

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  1. Anlässlich des Paradeiser- pardon: Tomatenfests eine kleine Episode.
    Alter Mann und junger Mann im Gemüseladen.
    Alter Mann kauft sämtliche Tomaten auf.
    Junger Mann zum alten Mann: „Gehen Sie heut abend auch zum Konzert vom
    alten Krächzer ?“
    Alter Mann zum jungen Mann: „Ich bin der alte Krächzer!“

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